Why You Should Move From
Drupal 6 To 8



About This Webinar

Drupal 8 was officially released on Thursday, November 19th, 2015. With over 1,716+ days of work by more than 3,312 developers, Drupal 8 promises to be the best version of the open source CMS ever imagined.

Along with the release of D8, the Drupal Association announced that on February 24th, 2016, Drupal 6 will reach end of life and no longer be supported.

This webinar will focus on why you need to migrate from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8, outlining costs, benefits and time involved.

This webinar is mainly focused towards Drupal 6 site owners/site admins. The countdown has already begun and getting an expert opinion on the various options will help you make an informed decision that works best for your business.


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About The Hosts:

Jeff Wisard,
Digital Marketing Manager
Having worked with CMS clients, Jeffrey has seen and written about the power of Drupal. Drupal 8 is going to change open source digital, allowing websites to scale like never before.
Kumaran Parthiban,
Sr. Project Manager
Kumaran is no stranger to Drupal migrations. Having worked on many ecommerce and government projects, he’s witnessed the power of this latest CMS release.

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