Drupal Partners is an open source, Drupal development and maintenance shop based in Atlanta and Los Angeles. Since 2009, we’ve specialized in creating and supporting beautiful, user-friendly, ROI driven Drupal websites.

Around 20% of our business comes from customers that are very unhappy with their current Drupal maintenance company.

Once customer’s work with us, they stay with us.

Our Promise: To give you the best Drupal maintenance service that you’ve ever experienced. Period.

Drupal Partners Maintenance Promise


What We Offer Silver Level Gold Level Custom Level
Support Time 8am to 5pm EST (Mon-Fri) 8am to 5pm EST (Mon-Fri) 24/7 support
Monthly Hours 10 hrs/month 15 hrs/month More than 15 hrs/month
Code Audit No Limited Full
Monitoring Tools Limited Full Full
Response Time 5 hr email response 3 hr email response 1 hr phone time
Status Calls Bi-Weekly Weekly Always Available
Contract Duration 6 months 6 months 6 months
Roll Over Hours None Any unused hours Any unused hours
Version Updates Monthly Weekly Immediate
Backups - Weekly Daily
Documentation - Full Full
User Training - - Yes
Security Audit - - Full security audit
Custom Audit - - 1 Custom Audit
Innovation Session - - Yes

We also offer robust Government Drupal maintenance packages. For Federal, State and local governments, we build out custom Government Drupal support plans, keeping in mind budgets, vendors and resources. Our Drupal experts will work with you to ensure your fiscal IT budget is spent on scalable and sustainable digital Drupal solutions!

Drupal Maintenance For Government


What We Offer Our Drupal Support Plan For Government
Support Time 8am to 5pm EST (Mon-Fri)
Monthly Hours 10-15 hrs/month
Code Audit Full
Monitoring Tools Full
Response Time 3 hr phone or email response
Status Calls Bi-Weekly
Contract Duration 6 months
Roll Over Hours Any Unused Hours
Version Updates Monthly
Backups Weekly
Documentation Full
User Training Yes
Security Audit Full Security Audit
Custom Audit -
Innovation Session -


Is Drupal Maintenance Worth It?

Yes – Drupal maintenance and support is always worth it. Case in point: We had a customer come to us who hadn’t updated their site in years and was so compromised that we had to start from scratch. Instead of spending a few hundreds dollars of month/quarter, the customer had to spend thousands of dollars to resolve their issues.

Rather than asking if maintenance is worth it, the better question to ask I, “How often should I get Drupal maintenance/support?”

Is Drupal Maintenance Worth It?
How Often Should I Update My Drupal Website

Drupal Maintenance Frequency

We recommend that every customer have a maintenance contract in place. However, there’s a big difference between, say, a brochure type of website (which may need maintained a few times a year) and an eCommerce site (which will need maintenance weekly).

Below is the breakdown of our recommended website maintenance frequency. Disclaimer: If there is a security update, then you should update your site right away, no matter your maintenance plan.

Type Of Site Monthly Quarterly
Government *  
eCommerce *  
Heavy publishing *  
Social media *  
Forums/Job Portals *  
Intranet site *  
Basic business site   *
Basic brochure site   *
Static content   *

How To Tell When You Need Drupal Maintenance?

You might not think your Drupal website needs any updates or maintenance, but then one day your site goes down – This is a very common story we hear monthly. To help you, here’s how you can tell if your website needs some maintenance.

Symptoms Of A Broken Drupal Website

  • Your Configuration or Admin panel says there are security updates available
  • You’re on a older version of Drupal
  • Your Drupal “Status Reports” states there are updates
  • Your super admin user has received an update email notice from the Drupal.org
  • Slow site speed
  • Broken URLs
  • Increase in errors in Google Webmaster
  • You can’t remember the last time you updated your site
Drupal Maintenance Recommendations
When To Hire A Drupal Maintenance Company

Should I Hire A Drupal Maintenance Company?

It all depends on your Drupal skill level. If you get scared of even logging into your backend and you have no idea what a custom module is, then you absolutely need to hire a team of experts to update your site. If you’ve been using Drupal for years and have made commits to Drupal.org... Well, you probably don’t need help.

You Should Hire A Drupal Maintenance Company If:

  • You have several custom modules
  • You’re migrating Drupal versions
  • You have several different servers
  • You’re several Drupal updates behind
  • You’ve never updated your site before
  • Have several custom integrations
  • You have no internal staff to do security upgrades
  • You need training and documentation
  • You have a difficult Drupal backend
  • You’ve never coded in your life
  • No idea what you’re doing

How Many Drupal Support Hours Do I Need?

In order to see an ROI on your maintenance investment, you’ll want at least 10 hours/month of Drupal maintenance. This amount should cover basic module updates, some security updates and maybe even some minimal changes.

If you’re looking for development changes each month, then you’ll need 20+ hours/month.

Projected Drupal Maintenance Hours

  • Basic updates - 10 hrs/month
  • Basic updates + some development: 20 hrs/month
  • Advanced updates + heavy development: 40+ hrs/month
Drupal Maintenance Hours
Questions To Ask A Drupal Support Company

Questions To Ask Potential Drupal Support Company

There are several hundred Drupal support companies, with many claiming to be the best. However,

Questions To Ask A Drupal Support Company

  • How many support/maintenance clients do you currently have?
  • What is your support/maintenance client retention rate?
  • Can I have some client references?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do my unused maintenance hours roll over each month?
  • What is your response time to my problem?
  • Do I get a dedicated support line?
  • What if I have a problem after hours/weekends?
  • What versions of Drupal do you support?


We had a great experience! They cleaned up our Drupal modules, fixed our ecommerce bugs and helped us with analytics.

-Stephanie Carter
Co-Founder, Wallaroo Hats

We’ve had a number of relationships with developers and programmers through the years, and Drupal Partners is definitely one of the best firms that we’ve ever worked with so far.

-Steve Huffman
CEO, SimpleCPR.com

Incredible breadth of experience and knowledge in mobile and web development. They're our sole development and support partner now for more than year and we appreciate and love they work they’ve done!

-Timothy D. Wilson
Technology Solutions, Center For Teaching Quality