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Your website deserves more than just a tool.

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  • 60+ Ranking factors included. We guarantee the most comprehensive Free SEO Audit of all!
  • Combines the power of SEO intelligence tools and human expertise
  • Audited by Google-certified SEO Experts
  • Trusted by 500+ leading brands in the US and across the world
  • 1000+ Audits Successfully Delivered


What’s Covered In This Free SEO Audit?


On-page SEO

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Technical SEO

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Keywords & Performance

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Competitive Insights

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Drupal Website Owners Find Our SEO Audits Resourceful

New Inclusions In Our SEO Audit:

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Google PageSpeed Insights

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Core Web Vitals

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The DrupalPartner’s SEO audit helped us optimize our website better. The report was clear and precise to the point.

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Maria B,

The detailed analysis report of our website gave us a clear idea of what to improve on our SEO. Highly recommend.

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Digital Marketing Manager, Raw Journals

This SEO audit gave us a sense of direction with the content and SEO strategy of our website. Great audit tool.

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Peter Paul,
Brand Manager, Orange 949

The free SEO audit from DrupalPartners is a must-take. It analyzed all content elements in the website for their SEO-friendliness and gave a detailed report.

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Jason Parker,
SEO & Outreach Manager, Info World

Drupal Websites That Improved Traffic Started Off With An SEO Audit


Increase in organic site visits


Improvement in conversion rate


Increase in returning customers


Enhanced Conversion


Boosted sales


Improved traffic


Increased online store visitors


Increased revenue


Improved mobile user performance

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Our SEO Audit Covers 60+ Factors

  • Mobile-first
  • Sitemap
  • Page speed
  • Core web vitals
  • Content
  • External links
  • H1, H2, optimization
  • Crawling
  • On-page
  • 404 pages
  • URL structure
  • CrUX + Lighthouse data
  • Https
  • Meta content
  • Keyword frequency
  • Internal links
  • Backlinks

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Karthik Kalimuthu
Director of Marketing

Karthik Kalimuthu, an experienced industry stalwart with over a decade of expertise in SEO Marketing, is the brains behind Free SEO Consultation. With comprehensive and vast industry knowledge, Karthik has successfully driven 500+ projects in the SEO domain and continues to devise strategies and implement methodologies that garner the highest revenue gains in the industry. We believe this free SEO consultation will help every single eCommerce business, no matter where it stands on the scale, size, and industry. This free SEO Consult will give you immense confidence and clarity regarding where you need to amplify your efforts to drive your business from good to great!

Frequently Asked Questions

The first step in developing a successful SEO strategy is to conduct an audit of your website’s current state and compare it to Google standards. The audit’s objective is to discover as many underlying issues influencing organic search performance as possible. Insights gained from our free SEO audit report will include the below 60+ ranking factors. Get Your Audit Now!

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We highly recommend performing SEO audits twice or four times a year. You only need to perform them twice yearly if you have a small business and a simple to moderate website. It makes more sense to conduct a site evaluation once every three months for larger businesses or websites that update often like eCommerce businesses.

SEO standards and Google algorithms are consistently upgraded. There are over 60+ factors your website is analyzed for. This could mean your audit could give you results with issues in different areas of the website, so you may try to fix items mentioned in the audit but it may take SEO experts who know each and every aspect of SEO fit for Google standards for the site to become a high performing website.

When determining search results, Google takes into account more than 200 factors. You can monitor a wide variety of parameters to identify your SEO impact. You can measure the SEO impact can be checked through Organic Traffic, Keyword Ranking, SERP Visibility, etc.

Yes, we offer UI/UX Audits to completely analyze if your website is user-friendly and page load speed and identify what needs to change according to Google standards. We also offer Competitor Analysis, Conversion Rate Analysis, Technical SEO Audit, On-Page Audit, Off-Page audit, Local SEO Audit, Keyword Audit and Traffic Audit amongst many more. To understand more, claim your 30 min free consultation.(redirect)

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