Drupal Web Development For Education

Build a university website with a purpose

Universities were an early adopter of web technologies, as the need for content’s centralized location became a necessity. Students are practically living on their smart phones and digital devices. Having a website that adopts to their way of life is a must. Making sure your CMS can scale and meet their needs is also must. Luckily, Drupal allows all of it!

  • A secured website to safeguard confidential information
  • A responsive website for optimum mobile viewing
  • Permission to let multiple users to add/edit content to maintain separate social clubs
  • Create separate portals for research
  • Include media content to promote interactivity and eLearning
  • Reduce dependency on the IT department

To discuss opportunities in any of these areas, please get in touch with one of our partners.

How can we help

Having an outdated and non-responsive website will dampen your reputation as it is the face of your organization. When it fails to impress or be useful to students, you definitely lose your prospects. Plus, it's essential to build a website around the core principles of the university to engage students and faculty members.

Our expert Drupal developers understand the importance of building a website around the core principles of your university, helping to engage students and faculty members. Having a Drupal based website makes content addition and editing very simple. Various roles and specification can be set to different authors and administrators. Any student can start a group/forum and a faculty member can launch a research and have a website updated on his finding. The dependency on the IT department is greatly reduced, as users can login and do the desired changes, anytime/anywhere.

Showcase your identity

A university website helps build the desired identity needed to attract prospective students and faculty members. It plays the role of a showcasing tool, a bulletin board, a social networking tool, a database to hold confidential details and everything else. Updating to the latest technology and incorporating the required tools help in creating the perfect identity needed to make your university unique, engaging and proactive.

Why Drupal and why DrupalPartners?

We chose Drupal as it is one of the most secured platforms, right from the student’s grade to research materials, these crucial information remains safe.

Create immersive learning experiences for students

Drupal Partners provides solutions that address the most challenging digital issues faced by educational institutions. We decrease complexity, improve usability and simplify workflows.
We provide educators with a secure, stable Drupal site that can handle thousands of content assets, has rich search capabilities and offers an interactive learning environment.

Improving digital experiences across the continuum
  • Interfaces that provide teachers with a sense of ease and more control over their digital classrooms.
  • Dynamic user experience that results in higher site registrations.
  • We work in conjunction with in-house teams to resolve functional issues and assist in upgrades of Learning Management Systems.
  • Navigational systems that help students filter and access relevant teaching material.
  • Highly interactive standards-aligned lesson plans to drive up student engagement.

Drupal Development

The trusted technology partner of universities

  • 24/7 site maintenance and support
  • Migration and upgrade services
  • Drupal design and theming
  • Integration
Reduced Spam Signups


Reduced Spam Signups

Improved Search Result Visibility


Improved Search Result Visibility

Site Bugs Fixed In First Two Months


Site Bugs Fixed In First Two Months