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Drupal Migration



Drupal Migration

It can be worrisome to consider a complete overhaul of your website, especially when it involves switching to a different platform. As experienced Drupal Developers who are passionate about all that Drupal Migration provides our clients, we must go on record as saying, "It's worth switching to Drupal." The good news is that you don't have to go it alone. Drupal Partners has a portfolio full of examples and years of experience migrating sites to Drupal. Is your site using Sitecore, Liferay, Wordpress or another non-CMS platform? Ready to switch to the most secure, largest, open-source CMS solution in the world, already used by the White House, the Weather Channel and US Weekly magazine? Drupal Partners are your Drupal Migration experts.

Sitecore to Drupal

Sitecore to Drupal

Transitioning your Sitecore Intranet portal or customer-facing website to Drupal doesn't have to be painful. Drupal Partners will:

  • Ensure your extensive and historical SEO work is preserved, even if it involves new URLs.
  • Keep downtime to a minimum, due to our strategy of backing up your database to our servers and only uploading to your server upon migration completion.
  • Secure your data, keeping it 100% safe and protected while in our hands.
  • Make certain that all content, plugins, and extensions are seamlessly transitioned.
  • Be watchful of current design themes and either create an identical theme in Drupal or make recommendations for UI/UX improvements.

Liferay to Drupal

Is it time to convert you large and complex Liferay enterprise site to a more progressive, employee-friendly, Drupal enterprise solution? Drupal Partners will make this transition fast and easy. Our process includes:

  • Converting Liferay users to Drupal – We understand how important your employee and pipeline user groups are to your business success. We will seamlessly convert emails, usernames and other critical information, while also handling new password generation and notification to users.
  • We will seamlessly convert emails, usernames and other critical information, while also handling new password generation and notification to users.
  • Moving all Liferay posts, articles, and pages to Drupal’s CMS platform with minimal or no down time so as not to disrupt daily employee workflows.
  • 24/7/365 support during the complete migration.
  • As with all Drupal Partners migrations, we ensure high security handling of your database and certainty that all content, plugins and extensions are transitioned smoothly.
Liferay to Drupal
Wordpress to Drupal

WordPress to Drupal

While Drupal is the largest open source platform in the market, many websites are still built in WordPress, and many of those are outgrowing its functionality. Don’t let fears of moving your site limit your website’s potential. Drupal Partners has a growing portfolio of experience migrating WordPress sites to Drupal.

  • We have a streamlined system that easily moves your site quickly with minimal steps.
  • We carefully evaluate all aspects of your WordPress site to ensure content, widgets, modules, and SEO strategies migrate correctly and completely.
  • We have created protocols to transition your WordPress theme as closely as possible to Drupal themes and designs. With thousands of Drupal themes available and our experience in developing customized themes for our clients, our Drupal website design and upgrades team will make recommendations for your UI/UX design improvements.

Other Non-CMS sites to Drupal

At Drupal Partners we have experience transitioning all types of non-CMS websites, including those for large national corporations with complex combinations of multiple consumer-facing sites and custom-built enterprise Intranets. Our Drupal developers are also well versed in migrating small business sites, often built in proprietary platforms by other website companies. Trusting Drupal Partners to migrate your site to Drupal means, we will:

  • Put our experienced developers to work analyzing your site’s current framework and functionality for smooth Drupal transition.
  • Utilize best of industry tools and resources to migrate not just your site content but also your users, usergroups and database(s).
  • Leverage customized solutions that we’ve developed for other clients to address your company’s special, more robust migration needs.
  • Migrate in the background, off your server, so as not to impact your daily operations, including your ability to continue growing your database during the site transition.