Drupal E-commerce Developement Services

Drupal Ecommerce Development Services

Drupal Commerce Developers

Fact: eCommerce is a trillion-dollar industry growing at double-digit percentages each year. There are over 24 million eCommerce sites globally, but less than 3% of those sites make a $1,000 or more in sales.

Drupal eCommerce Statistics

It’s easy to start an eCommerce website, but it’s most assuredly not simple to create a financially successful online store. At DrupalPartners, our Drupal eCommerce development team knows what it takes to create and grow an eCommerce website. And that success is built on Drupal Commerce.

Ecommerce Growth

eCommerce Growth & Predictions

As an industry, eCommerce is booming. The first eCommerce site was launched in 1992 – Years later, there are over 24 million online stores. It’s projected that online sales will increase by up to 45% in 2016, reaching a total of $327 billion in revenue. And with the aging of Millennials and Post-Millennials, this number is going grow at a blinding pace.

And one of the big drivers of this eCommerce growth: Open source eCommerce platforms like Drupal Commerce.


Number Of Drupal Commerce Sites

Number Of Drupal Commerce Sites

According to Drupal.org, there are over 64,000 Drupal Commerce sites. And a large number of these sites are in the top 10K/100K of the best eCommerce sites online. Since its launch in Drupal 6, Drupal Commerce has seen mass open source adoption and is the best known commerce solution for Drupal. We solely recommend it to our eCommerce Clients. Check out our Drupal Commerce Case Study for ROI and business proof.


Most Popular eCommerce Industries On Drupal

Most Popular eCommerce Industries On Drupal

Drupal Commerce is most used by the Business and Retail Industries. Education and Health & Wellness sites are also successfully using Drupal Commerce to power their online carts.


Top Drupal

Top Drupal eCommerce Sites

Based on Alexa rankings, these are the top sites (As of Jan, 2016) running Drupal Commerce:

1. motorola.com   2. greatist.com  3. unfollowers.com   4. yourtango.com

Each of these has a great Drupal eCommerce portal! Want more? Here are sites running on Drupal Commerce.


Drupal eCommerce Platform

Our choice for developing a Drupal eCommerce website is Drupal Commerce. However, there are other open source options that integrate well with Drupal. Each platform has pros/cons, but rest assured that our team of Drupal Developers help our customers make the best decision.

Drupal Ecommerce Development
Drupal Commerce

The most customizable and popular Drupal eCommerce platform.

Ubercart to Development

The fastest and cheapest way to get your ecommerce store up and running.

Shopping Cart Abandonment
Custom eCommerce Sites

Extremely costly to build and hard to scale.


Drupal shopping Cart Comparisions

Maintaining, updating and securing a Drupal government website is no easy task. To help, we’ve created a custom Drupal Support Plan For Government, focusing our time on key areas that governments need to address. Each maintenance plan includes rollover hours, training and custom support options, ensuring your agency site is always up, running and completely secure.

  Drupal Commerce Ubercart Custom Built
Price $ $ $$$
Scalability Highly Medium Depends
Customizable Highly Medium Depends
SEO Very friendly Very friendly Depends
Ease Of Use Friendly Friendly Depends
#Available Plug-Ins Several Some Few
Architecture Superior Regular Inferior
Distribution Yes No No
Community Support Best Ok None
Available Themes Many Few None
Recommended: Yes No No

Want more info? Check out our  Drupal Commerce Vs. Ubercart post.

Cost To Develop Drupal Commerce Site

Building a fantastic shopping cart experience is a must in order to be successful. However, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Creating your shopping cart with Drupal Commerce allows you to remain financially viable, while still keeping your site scalable.

Cost For New Drupal Commerce Website

If you’re creating your eCommerce website from scratch, here’s roughly what you can expect to spend:

Basic Drupal Commerce Website Cost: $20k-$40K Custom Drupal Commerce Website Cost: $50K-$100K
Less than 6000 SKU’s More than 6000 SKU’s
Latest version of Drupal Commerce Advanced SEO
Install a theme Inventory system or POS integration
Simple design implementation Multilingual store
Transactional email creation Custom shopping cart designs
Integrate payment processor (Authorize.net) Custom images
Alternative payment methods (PayPal, Amazon, Google) One page checkout
SSL implementation Wholesale/partners option
Product and category setup and configuration Advanced reviews
No back office system integrations Auto complete search
Testing Registry
Basic shipping & tax configuration Advanced shipping
Internal quality assurance (QA) Blog and social media integration
- Back office system integrations
- Internal quality assurance (QA)
- Code documentation
- Warranty & Support
- Data migration

Cost To Migrate To Drupal Commerce

On WooCommerce but want to move to Drupal? Currently using Ubercart but want to get the most our of your store? Then it’s time to migrate to Drupal Commerce.

Features Migrating To Drupal Commerce
Up to 1000 products (basic shopping cart) $20K
Custom UI/UX design $10K
Multi-platform selling (Ex: Google, eBay, Amazon) $5K
Accounting Integration (Ex: QuickBooks) $3K
Predictive search $3K
Tax calculations $3K
Automated reviews $3K
Email integration $2K
Shipping integration (Ex: UPS, FedEx, etc.) $5K
Other Features ~$3K/Feature

How Long Does It Take To Develop A Drupal
Commerce Site?

Developing a Drupal Commerce site or migrating to Drupal Commerce doesn’t happen overnight. Our team of Drupal Commerce Developers get you up and running quick. However, good things take time.

Type Of Build Timeline
Migrating to Drupal Commerce 3 months
Developing new Drupal Commerce website 4-6 months
Drupal Commerce + mobile app 6 months
Advance eCommerce site creation Contact us for quote

Drupal eCommerce Development Services

Our Drupal e-commerce developers have been crafting custom shops, carts and payment systems for the past 5 years. We love the ability Drupal gives us to make a great shopping experience a reality. And that reality usually means Drupal Commerce.


Ubercart To Drupal Commerce Migration

We take the headache and guesswork out of migrating from Ubercart to Drupal Commerce. Our Drupal Commerce Developers ensure that all data, images, prices and logic successfully migrate to Drupal Commerce. Learn more by reading, “Ubercart Vs Drupal Commerce.”


Shopping Cart Abandonment Reduction

Shopping Cart Abandonment Reduction

New customers always ask, “How can we reduce our shopping cart abandonment?” Because we love our customers, we created a propriety, in-house tool that answers the where/when/why of abandoned shopping carts. Our customers love it.


Custom eCommerce

Custom eCommerce Analytics

We make sure that Drupal Commerce is giving you accurate and actionable analytics. We’ve also created a custom e-Commerce analytics tool. Google Analytics works great with Drupal Commerce, but we’ve crafted our own tool to help with the analytics job.



Traffic Increase


Revenue Increase

4 to 6

Week Shortened Timeline

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