infographics-category: Drupal Development

Author:Aravindhan Anbalagan

June 1, 2018

Our 7-steps strategy to kickstart your Drupal 8 web development
Unleash the power of Drupal 8 and our innovative digital strategies to design your websites, mobile apps so as to provide a unique experience to your target audience. Stay ahead of your competition with Drupal 8 websites. Here’s our 7-steps strategy that can help you step up the game.

Author:Sri Krishna

April 26, 2017

Drupal Web Development For Government
DrupalPartners' offer government organizations a high degree of flexibility for custom website development with secured file access, user forums and intranet. Below is an infograph on how Drupal and DrupalPartners' can contribute to build your government website.

Author:Sri Krishna

April 6, 2017

History Of Drupal 1.0 To 8.0
An infograph on how Drupal has transformed from Druppel to Drupal 8. Over the years, Drupal has introduced nodes in Drupal 3, weblogs in Drupal 4 by making it portable, included watchdog as hook functionality. And now with the incredible Drupal 8, we have a CMS with a mobile first front end and simple admin functionality.

Author:Jeffrey Wisard

September 12, 2016

Drupal 8.2 Beta Is Out - 5 Improvements That Matter
The Drupal 8.2 Beta version is out with amazing enhancements for both developers as well as end users. More than the functional changes, the usability features take the spotlight. There are also various changes made to the API functionality and the migration path. Curious about the new release, our Drupal 8 team spotted the top 5 features posed by the latest Drupal 8.2 release and we turned it into an infographic to give you a special visual treat!

Author:Jeffrey Wisard

June 13, 2016

Top 13 Drupal 8 Features That Help Make Your Website Easy To Develop And Market In 2016
Drupal 8 is out and it’s packed with incredible features that promise to make designers’, developer’s and the site admin's life easy. If you’re confused about which platform to develop your new site in, know that the latest Drupal version is the real deal. It's extremely secure and has strong tools to help you build a robust and flexible website.
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