Secure From Drupalgeddon2

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Security for every drupal website

Threats like Drupalgeddon2 can compromise your website within hours. All your non-public data can be exploited or modified by hackers. You need a security patch to be installed at the right time to prevent such attacks. DrupalPartners provide simple, easy-to-use sophisticated Drupal website security package.

Security for every drupal website

How critical threats can be?

If we take Drupalgeddon2 as an example, this threat allows modification or deletion of system data and default/common module configurations can also be exploited. All non-public data is accessible and there is no special privilege required to exploit the site, which means it is open and highly vulnerable.

How critical threats can be?

How we work?

We meticulously work to save your website from any attack. Have a look at our process flow.



Who knows what will happen if you don't secure your Drupal website?

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We are your security partner because…

Our passionate Drupal enthusiasts are completely aware of latest developments and ready to fully support to update patches and prevent the website from threats. We are committed to protect your site 24/7.

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