About The Client

Northcountrynow.com is a dedicated news website based out in St. Lawrence County, New York. They publish several news articles every day. The news website has plenty of categories under which the news is published and promoted. The site enables visitors to access the digital copy of the actual newsprint as well. Their revenue stream relies on advertisements displayed on the website and the articles serve to drive traffic to the website.

In terms of traffic, northcountrynow.com has approximately 3 million page views every month with over 30,000 to 40,000 visits every weekday. It's also considered as St. Lawrence County's best online source covering local happenings and news. One of the biggest achievement of northcountrynow.com is that 70% of their visitors, visit the website more than once a day!

What We Did?

Drupal 7 Migration

Migrated the website to Drupal 7

Custom Drupal Modules

Created custom Drupal modules for enhanced features

Increased Page Loading Speed

Improved site's performance through ad rendering and increased page loading speed

About The Project


The website was built on Drupal 6 and contained a lot of non-standard Drupal development hacks which presented a challenge when upgrading the platform. The site design was not responsive and required some restructuring in order to present the content across multiple platforms. Aside from that there were also some site speed issues as well as content loading restraints related to the number of ads running on the website.

Drupal Development For North Country Now
Drupal Development For North Country Now
Drupal Development For North Country Now

How We Fixed Their Concerns

We upgraded the site to Drupal 7 and resolved all conflicts that were present due to dependencies in the contributed and custom modules. A few custom modules were built to bring back some functionalities that were lost in the Drupal 6-7 upgrade. Through the use of DFP (double-click for publisher) module and some site speed optimization, we were able to improve the site’s performance along with improving the rendering of ads throughout the site.

Launch site

North Country Now
Improved Site Performance

Improved Site Performance

Improve Page Speed

Improve Page

Client Reviews

"Drupal Partners' project manager has been a big part of our success."

- COO ,Ticket Retailer