Education Website Achieves 139% More Subscriptions With Drupal 10 Upgrade

One of the renowned academic brands in the US, our client offers support and guidance to parents of children up to ten years of age on how to engage their kids in the early childhood years. Their website had a pool of resources like explainer videos, activity kits, DIY experiments, video bites from pedagogy experts, etc. After Drupal had announced its end of life, our client wanted to upgrade their website to Drupal 10 for uninterrupted business continuity.

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Upgrading to Drupal 10 Helped Our Client to
  • Enhance their website’s navigation and content accessibilityv
  • Boost their average monthly traffic by a solid 53%
  • Modernize their website with a refreshing look and feel
  • Achieve a whopping 139% increase in subscriptions
Client’s Challenge:

The significance of accurate data migration can’t be underestimated, especially in the education and academic services industry. Here is a high-level summary of the challenges and difficulties faced by our client:

  • The last time our client had revamped their website was several years ago. So we did not have to just take care of the version upgrade but also invest in updating the website’s look and feel to meet contemporary standards.
  • As an online education services provider, our client’s business required adding hundreds of new videos, ebooks, and study materials to the website every week. However, the website lacked contextual hierarchy, resulting in poor content accessibility and navigation.
  • Our client’s Drupal 9 website had several custom modules built on different obsolete versions. All those outdated versions needed to be taken care of individually during the Drupal 9 to Drupal 10 upgrade process.
  • The client’s website had humongous volumes of unstructured data, which necessitated meticulous and painstaking caution during the upgrade process. Our client's business couldn't afford even a fractional loss of data during their transition from Drupal 9 to Drupal 10.

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How we solved
The Solution We Implemented:

Our Drupal developers conducted a thorough assessment of the website’s tech stack, custom modules, website structure, content blocks, and every other component and came up with a detailed migration roadmap. Besides merely migrating the website data, our team proposed a holistic website revamp plan that included design enhancements, feature upgrades, conversion optimization, and marketing strategy. Here’s how we implemented the solution:

  • Phased data migration to ensure accuracy and zero-loss transition
  • Contextual and meaningful content hierarchy to facilitate effortless navigation and enriched accessibility
  • Extensive user experience research and tailored strategy to redesign the website
  • Migrating lower-version custom modules to Drupal 9.5 as an interim step before the final upgrade to Drupal 10, ensuring a smoother transition
  • Restructured menu and search bars to boost the discoverability of video courses, study materials, and other search results
  • Integration with Google Analytics and other state-of-the-art website monitoring tools to decipher actionable data insights
  • 2-Step authentication to strengthen the website’s security, especially at the content download touchpoints
  • Introduced strategic and flexible subscription packages based on customers’ behavior history and preferences
  • Three-tier QC and all-rounded testing before the final deployment to ensure the website’s smooth functionality, uptime, and continued services

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Impact on client
Impact on Client’s Business:

Our client’s website witnessed improvements in multiple aspects. Here’s a brief overview of how our solution impacted our client’s business positively:

  • After upgrading to Drupal 10, our client’s website speed improved drastically from 7.5 to 1.33 seconds. This translates to a remarkable sixfold enhancement in site speed.
  • Customers spent more time on the website consuming the structured content, navigating across the pages, and accomplishing desired goals.
  • The newly introduced flexible subscription packages worked really well, resulting in a substantial 139% increase in monthly subscribers.
  • Enhanced website design helped improve conversion rates and leads.
  • Well-structured content helped search engines understand the website’s offerings better, improving organic traffic by 53%

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Closing thoughts

Our client’s success story underscores the importance of using the most recent version of a CMS. If you are still using any version lower than Drupal 10, it’s about time you make the right move. Our certified Drupal specialists can assist you every step of the way forward in your upgrade journey. Get in touch with our team today.