Migrating Your Government Website
To Drupal 8

Migrating Your Government Website To Drupal 8

FACT: Drupal 8 was adopted twice as fast as Drupal 7

The release of Drupal 8 has been recorded as the greatest revolution in the CMS ecosystem. It has further increased Drupal’s popularity among all major government websites. Through the CMS, governments have realized the importance of constantly engaging with people to improve the welfare of the country. Drupal 8 rightfully boasts faster performance, mobile friendly sites, easy content authoring through multiple channels and third party integrations with enhanced security options. Above all, Drupal 8 has a cutting edge framework that highly supports digital technologies, allowing you to access your website anytime and anywhere.

Who Should Read This White Paper And Why?

Government websites or agencies that are looking out for a complete website management solution and migration help, decision makers in IT department and government CIOs and CTOs.

About This White Paper

The white paper emphasizes the real time need for government websites to quickly migrate to Drupal 8, as it’s the smartest decision to enable organizations to scale and work collaboratively. It highlights the key advantages of Drupal 8 that government websites can’t ignore.

Read our whitepaper to discover how it’s possible to take complete control of your government website by migrating to Drupal 8 and effortlessly creating a system that works towards empowering the nation.


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