Case Study:Imperial Sugar Company

Drupal Development For Imperial Sugar Company

Industry: Retail

Imperial Sugar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Louis Dreyfus Company LLC. The company manufactures and markets specialty sweeteners, pure cane sugar, and other products. On an everyday basis, it collaborates with its customers to solve business challenges, develop better products, and streamline the supply chain.


Drupal Development For Imperial Sugar Company

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  • Site Migrated To Drupal
  • Faster Page Load Time
  • 3X Increase In Page Visits
  • Performance Optimized & Security Tightened
Client’s challenge

Imperial Sugar relies on its eCommerce website to reach out to its customers and to generate revenue. It was migrated to the latest Drupal platform; however, it was still facing issues in terms of security and performance.

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How we solved
How we solved client’s problems

Our experts analyzed the site and found out the issues related to Drupal8 migration. We customized the codes in the backend to sync it properly.

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Impact on client
Impact on client’s business

After Drupal 8 Migration issues were sorted out, many operations started functioning smoothly, such as viewing real-time information about sales.

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