Drupal Development

We Build Better Intranets

Drupal Partners is dedicated to developing progressive enterprise content management solutions within robust and secure intranets. We also ensure the intranet we build for you today is scalable to easily grow with your business. Our Drupal developers can build a completely customized solution or leverage Drupal Commons and Open Atrium for even quicker deployment. Work with Drupal Partners to:

  • Establish a more productive work environment and contribute immediate value towards your bottom line.
  • Increase employee collaboration through the use of forums, streams, and commenting, and even include content categorization with the use of tags.
  • Create better field management and increased sales via real-time, mobile app solutions.
  • Return high user acceptance rates through effective UI/UX design functionalities.
  • Ensure secure data and file sharing between the field and corporate. Even add microsites to your intranet to ease of file sharing within departments.
  • Create a streamlined and collaborativecommunication environment between employees.

We Use Acquia’s Drupal Commons

Drupal Commons is an open source platform that harnesses the power of our increasingly online social world into a flexible and completely customizable enterprise solution for company intranets. After all, most of your employees are already engaging in social media on a personal level. They understand it and are active participants. Why not leverage that experience into your business to create a more collaborative and communicative "social business" environment? Our Drupal Commons development and design experts ensures that:

  • Collaboration occurs anytime, anywhere with a mobile file sharing experience that mirrors sitting at your desk.
  • Groups can be established, inviting only those on a need-to-know basis. Perfect for sharing content and information for high-level security projects.
  • Date and time tracking of posted comments and content for ease of knowing when information is disseminated to your team.
Drupal Development

Open Atrium for Drupal

The power of Open Atrium, a license-free open source platform, is it's built-in ability to easily integrate third party software for a seamless, yet highly scalable and customizable company intranet. From better communication to improved social collaboration, Open Atrium is a dynamic and flexiblesolution for growing businesses. The Drupal Partners team of Open Atrium developers is helping our clients build better intranets:

  • We build highly engaging, employee-only web portals that encourage interaction among even the most low-tech employees in your company.
  • We leverage the work-tracking feature of Open Atrium to develop robust project management solutions that include goal setting and milestones.
  • We include a full array of powerful asset management and communication tools to ensure your employees are privy to important company information as soon as it's disseminated, even mobile employees.
  • We customize the learning management system feature of Open Atrium to create training courses that make it easy to enroll users, track progress and distribute materials.