Leading Healthcare Service Provider Gets A Customer Expaerience Facelift With Drupal 10 Upgrade

Established in 2009, our client is a leading provider of healthcare services in the US. The brand has helped thousands of patients get access to healthcare services from qualified professionals. Our client wanted to improve their website’s performance, customer experience, and revenue margins. Running their website on Drupal 9 for the past three years, the business owners wanted to upgrade it to Drupal 10 before its end of life.

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Upgrading to Drupal 10 Enabled Our Client to
  • Improve their customer engagement on the website by 35%
  • Boost their organic visitors by 3X
  • Strengthen their website’s security and stability
  • Maintain an incredible 99.99% uptime
Client's Challenge

The challenges faced by our client in the Drupal 9 to Drupal 10 upgrade journey were unique and numerous. Here’s an overview of the challenges and complexities associated with this project:

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How we solved
The Solution We Implemented:

Our Drupal developers assessed the website and its tech stack thoroughly and identified its areas of improvement, design issues, technical weaknesses, and other discrepancies. We implemented a multi-faceted and comprehensive website migration approach that included the following steps:

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Impact on client
Impact on Client’s Business

As a result of the steps we implemented, the healthcare website’s performance increased in multiple aspects.

  • The website’s organic traffic grew from 13K per quarter to 41K.
  • The average time spent on the website by the visitors increased from 1.5 minutes to 2.5 minutes.

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Closing thoughts

After upgrading to Drupal 10, the website’s key metrics, performance, customer experience, and SEO outcomes improved multiple times. If you are looking for similar results for your business, get in touch with us. Our Drupal upgrade and migration experts can help you reap the full benefits of Drupal 10 and steer and propel your business growth in the right direction.