Woocommerce vs Drupal Commerce


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FACT: Of the 17 million eCommerce sites, only 650,000 websites make a profit of $1,000 or more per month.

Creating an eCommerce site is easy – But making it successful is extremely difficult. The fate of the 16.35 million remaining eCommerce websites remains a big question until they purposefully take the digital reigns.

Who Should Read This White Paper And Why?

Existing eCommerce site owners and/or retail owners looking to start their own eCommerce site will benefit greatly from this white paper.

About This White Paper

When we found the shocking stats above, we put on our thinking hats and did a lot of research on why most eCommerce sites fail. We interacted with eCommerce site owners and concluded that most eCommerce sites fail due to the lack of a proper marketing plan and eCommerce platform.

This white paper highlights the importance of a strong CMS to market your eCommerce products. With WooCommerce and Drupal Commerce being the leading eCommerce CMS solutions, discover which one can simplify the key eCommerce needs, along with marketing your product and brand efficiently.

Download our white paper to learn about the pros and cons of each CMS, helping you find your perfect eCommerce platform.

Why Are So Many US Government Sites On Drupal?

FACT: Nearly 24% of all government sites run on Drupal.

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