Why Are So Many US Government
Sites On Drupal?

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Why Are So Many US Government Sites On Drupal?

FACT: Nearly 24% of all government sites run on Drupal.

Government websites are some of the most highly trafficked websites and are prone to security attacks. Because of such sensitivity and demand to serve the citizens meticulously, and dedicatedly, it requires a smart Content Management System (CMS). For this reason, Drupal has proved its consistency and stability for government sites ever since WhiteHouse.gov decided to run on Drupal. As a result, 24% of government sites now prefer Drupal as their CMS platform.

Who Should Read This Whitepaper And Why?

Government websites or agencies that are looking out for a complete website management solution, decision makers in IT department and Government CIOs and CTOs.

About This Whitepaper

The whitepaper highlights important statistics and shows how Drupal can be a best fit for government websites and why it’s an ideal CMS. It highlights the key advantages of Drupal that Government websites can’t ignore.

Read our whitepaper to know how it’s possible to take complete control of your government website and effortlessly create a system that gives you the confidence and work towards empowering the nation.