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About the client

Some Things are Better Outside program was developed and tested through funding from the National Cancer Institute’s State and Community, Tobacco Control Research Initiative and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With their unique vision, they wanted to reach out to people with the right materials and information to promote the benefits of smoke free living. Their initiated a Smoke-Free Home Rule through various web-form surveys.

Their main goal is to not let anyone smoke at home or anywhere, anytime to greatly reduce the dangers of secondhand smoke for the people living in and around your home. This promotes a healthy living and work environment.

Drupal Development For Smoke free homes

What we did?

Migrated the site from Drupal 6 to 7.

Created region specific multi-sites.

Set up a metric site to generate reports.

Smoke Free Homes Demo

About the project

The Smoke Free Homes initiative dealt with having web-forms sent to families to get their surveys on enacting a successful smoke free rules,but the major problem was that there were many changes and corrections to be incorporated into the forms before accessing the information. They also needed Drupal 6 to 7 migration along with multisite requirement to reach out to various geographical region.

  • Improved Site Functionality
  • Improved Site
  • access to data
  • Access To

How we helped our client

To help the client and user collaborate in a mutual manner regarding the web-form changes, we made corrections to some questions along with providing a recording feature to help understand the original input to the changes that were needed.Also, we migrated their Drupal 6 website to Drupal 7 along with all their data without any website downtime. To overcome the regional problems, we implemented multi-sites using Drupal 7- now the client can have different sites catered to the different regions and it can all be managed under one parent admin website. We created a 'metric site' to help them process information from all the multi-site and generate appropriate reports.

Client review

"We’ve had a number of relationships with developers and programmers through the years, and DrupalPartners is definitely one of the best firms that we’ve ever worked with so far."

- President & CEO , Professional Training Institute, Inc.

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