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January 8, 2015 Posted by: Jeffrey Wisard

Are You A Creative? Here's Why Drupal Is A Great Fit For You

6 Reasons Drupal Is A Good Fit For Creatives

Calling all graphic designers, photographers, artists and creatives! Did you know that Drupal is a great platform for your work and business? It's true. We just wrote an article on CMS Critic with you, the creative, in mind. In our article (6 Reasons Drupal Is A Great Fit For Creatives), we give you 6 concrete reasons why Drupal will be a good thing for your creative idea.

My personal favorite reason is #4 - "Want your designs to go international? Drupal does that." Artists have a tough time getting their work accessed globally. Drupal fixes that.

Want to know more? Read our guest post over at CMS Critic.

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