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July 27, 2016 Posted by: Jeffrey Wisard

The Top 5 Drupal Infographics In 2016 (So Far)!

The Top 5 Drupal Infographics In 2016

We love infographics and so do our audience! The traffic to our infographic page is a sheer evidence of how much our readers love graphical representation more than a bunch of words. This sent us off on our quest to find the best Drupal infographics out there. Infographics are a fun way to learn so much more about Drupal and we hope you find it fun as well.

With that, here’s our pick for the top Drupal infographics this year!

Drupal 8 Infographics

The year 2016 has been an awesome year for Drupal. With the adoption of Drupal 8, the community has been quite busy making it a leading and reliable CMS.

The Benefits Of Drupal 8

The infographic talks about the advantages of Drupal 8 and how it stands out from its predecessors. It also highlights the improved performance of Drupal 8 and how it’s guaranteed to give youa much faster website with sophisticated caching solutions. Find out why you need to be on Drupal 8 now!

Top 13 Drupal 8 Features That Help Make Your Website Easy To Develop And Market In 2016

The Drupal 8 is also built to be more efficient with features that can help you save plenty of time in managing and marketing your website. Get to know about the technical features that makes Drupal 8 stand out from the rest of the CMSs out there.

Drupal Rules Education

Drupal is one of the most trusted CMS by universities. Looking at the statistics of the top 100 universities, 71 are built on Drupal. Find more amazing facts about Drupal’s role in the education sector.

Who Attends DrupalCon


Even though this infographic on DrupalCon has no information about Drupal or Drupal 8, per se, they are some of the most important events for Drupal. As ardent Drupal followers, we are excited about them, too. It’s a great place to meet and network with like-minded developers and professionals. Get to know a little but more about people who will likely meet in your next DrupalCon.

Drupal And SEO

If you are looking to optimize your Drupal website, then this infographic provides the perfect tips to help you with all aspects of SEO.

These infographics have some great stats and information to emphasize the importance of Drupal.

Did we miss any creative Drupal infographics? We would love to update our list, so let us know!Also, with Drupal 8 making news and heads turn, are you ready to migrate yet? Migrate to Drupal 8!


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