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March 27, 2015 Posted by: Jeffrey Wisard

We Created A User Friendly Drupal Backend

Drupal Backend 1

It’s been months of anticipation. We’ve put in hours, tears and too many spilled coffees to count. You’ve given suggestions, done the research, called, emailed and convinced until you’re blue in the face. But that doesn’t matter – because today is the day. Today is the day that you get your brand new Drupal website.

You eagerly sit down with the Drupal Developer as they login to show you the final product. It’s marvelous! Wonderful! Everything you wanted it to be! Elation sweeps over you.

You then ask the important question, “This is fantastic. But how do I add new content/images/text?” The Developer then logs you into the Drupal backend. And you see this: And then you see how you add content: Drupal Backend 2 Your smile turns to a frown, your excitement turns to angst, your wonder turns to befuddlement, as you state, “That is ugly. And how the heck do I even use it???"

We’re no strangers to the above interaction. No matter how many times we warn and show, there’s always a client who ignores the fact that the default Drupal backend is not user friendly.

Where others see pain, we see a solution (corny, but true)! Thus, our Drupal Developers have been hard at work so that we never see another sullen face after viewing the Drupal backend. What did we do? We created our own user friendly Drupal backend! Behold! Drupal Backend 3 Behold again! How to add content: CustomDrupalBackend_ContentCreation_1 Our user friendly Drupal backend not only looks and feels, it’s actually much easier to use. We’ve streamlined the posting process and made it simple to use. AKA - A backend that non-programmers can use and intuitively interact with.

We’d love to show you our user friendly Drupal backend and how it works. If you have a Drupal backend that gives you days’ worth of headaches (Yes, days), we think we have just what the doctor ordered. Cl ick on the button below to schedule a demo.

Here’s to more user friendly Drupal backends and easy content creation!