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May 2, 2023 Posted by: Immanuel Navin

Is your website prepared for the release of Drupal 11 in 2024?


Yup, it is Drupal 11.

You don't have to read it for the second time!

Drupal 11 is scheduled to be released either in August or December 2024, which is only a year and a half from the time of writing. It is advised to start preparing modules and sites for Drupal 11 now instead of waiting until the last minute, as preparation for the next major version of Drupal should be a consistent process rather than a sudden rush.

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Make sure the tools are updated to align with changes in Drupal 10

A challenge that arises with phpstan-drupal and Drupal-rector is their quick obsoleteness in the face of changes to the Drupal core. While the situation is improving for phpstan-drupal as it now works with PHPStan, both projects require the creation of specialized code to detect and remedy changes.

To address the issue, we need to review change records more consistently to check for any implications to phpstan-drupal and drupal-rector. Currently, the process is done retrospectively, and we have to examine change records over an extended period to confirm whether the tool supports the changes. It would be better to have a sign-off process before publishing a change record.

There is a GitHub repository that transfers Drupal core change records into issues. This helps review them for any needed updates to phpstan-drupal or drupal-check. You can access the repository through this link: https://github.com/mglaman/drupal-change-record-triage.

PHPUnit 10 deprecations that assist with booting up

This year, PHPUnit 10 has been released. It's likely that Drupal 11 will switch from using PHPUnit 9.5 to PHPUnit 10. In the past, updating to Drupal 10 involved making sure it was compatible with PHPUnit 9 instead of 8.5. So it's better to update sooner rather than later. See Drupal core issue for more information https://www.drupal.org/project/drupal/issues/3217904

The compatibility between Drupal and PHPUnit is achieved through the Symfony PHPUnit bridge. However, Drupal 11 cannot use PHPUnit 10 unless the Symfony/PHPUnit-bridge component becomes compatible with it. For more details, help, and suggestions check this link - https://github.com/symfony/symfony/issues/49069.

Want to learn about the dependency changes for Drupal 11?

You follow this link for more details

The Future Of Drupal

The next rollout wasn't expected in this short span of time. But, when it comes, it is going to force move all the latest versions of Drupal websites to migrate to Drupal 11 or Drupal 10. Upgrading to Drupal 11 is going to be an exciting opportunity for everyone who wishes to get the best out of Drupal. The migration process need not be a worry as it can be done with ease and the changes it can bring to your website would be worth the wait.

As Drupal 11 is expected to address several aspects of the CMS, including improved content editing features, enhanced performance and new capabilities for developers. It is expected that Drupal 11 will bring about great innovations to the CMS and make it even more powerful and capable.

We at DrupalPartners are focused on Drupal 11 development, helping organizations migrate all their content to the latest version of Drupal. We are here to support you in your digital transformation journey and provide the best possible solutions for your needs.

Final Thoughts

It is the best time of the year to start thinking about migrating to Drupal 9 or Drupal 10. In that way, you'll be well prepared to meet the latest versions. But, sticking on to lower versions may increase the risk of security breaches and breakage of codes.

We have discussed a few necessary steps for migrating to Drupal 10 or 11 as well as the advantages of it. We understand that the decision to move is complex and we are here to provide any assistance you may need. Contact us today for more information.