Drupal 9 Upgrade For Maxonlift Liftgates!

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About the client

Maxonlift Liftgates has been in the business since 1957 and is highly focused on innovation to provide clients with the most reliable lift gate experience and best customer service.

In order to keep its clients satisfied and stay on top of the competition, Maxonlift had to ensure that its website was updated with the latest Drupal 9.5 version. With the help of expert Drupal developers, Maxonlift was able to upgrade its website with the latest version and stay ahead of the competition.

Drupal 9 Upgrade For Maxonlift Liftgates!

What we did?

Plan, strategize & execute the upgrade

Analyze existing issues & provide solutions

Migrate from Drupal 8.9 to 9.5 version

Drupal 9 Upgrade For Maxonlift Liftgates!

About the project

We started by performing a detailed analysis to identify existing issues and possible solutions, followed by meticulous implementation of patches for dependency use, cache clear from admin and Cloudflare, and more. Finally, once everything was in place, we tested the website rigorously to ensure all elements were working as expected before launch.

  • Improve page speed
  • 30% more traffic
  • Secured Website
  • 42% increase in revenue

Client’s challenge

Maxonlift was running on the lowest Drupal 8 version and wanted to move to the latest Drupal 9.5. As you can imagine, there were a significant number of contributed modules and custom code to update. In addition, they had several years’ worth of content that needed to be migrated.

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  • 30% more traffic
  • 42% increase in revenue
  • 20% faster loading time

How the features impacted the client's business

Maxonlifts provided clients a safe, secure, and efficient way to move their goods from one warehouse area to another. This helped them to reduce time spent transporting items within their facility, improving efficiency and reducing costs. In addition, Maxonlifts' customer service was exceptional, providing technical assistance throughout the process and ensuring that all problems were resolved in a timely manner.

Furthermore, the Drupal upgrade paved the way for clients to track their goods from start to finish, with real-time data allowing them to know where their items are located within the facility. This improved customer satisfaction and enabled clients to coordinate better with other departments in the company. Ultimately, Maxonlifts helped clients to improve efficiency and reduce costs while providing an enhanced customer experience.

Client review

"DrupalPartners' project manager has been a big part of our success."

- COO ,Ticket Retailer

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