How we improved the website traffic and revenue for liftgates company through Drupal 9 upgrade!

The client wanted a quick and smooth migration from D8 to D9 without losing data and SEO performance. The upgrade was completed with our help and the client is now in a position to take full advantage of the new Drupal 9.5 features and updates!
How we improved the website traffic and revenue for liftgates company through Drupal 9 upgrade!

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Seamless Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 Upgrade.
  • 30% Traffic Increase
  • 42% Revenue Increase
  • 4 to 6 Week Shortened Timeline
Client's Challenge

Maxonlift Liftgates is a prestigious company with 50+ of experience and authority in their domain. Compromising client satisfaction is not their style.

In order to keep its clients satisfied, Maxonlift had to ensure that its website was updated with the latest Drupal 9.5 version.

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How we solved
How We Solved Client’s Problems

We started by performing a detailed analysis to identify existing issues and possible solutions, followed by meticulous implementation of patches for dependency use, cache clear from admin and Cloudflare, and more. Finally, once everything was in place, we tested the website rigorously to ensure all elements were working as expected before launch.

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Impact on client
Impact On Client’s Business

Maxonlift is now driving 30% more traffic, with a 42% increase in revenue. The upgrade has empowered to maximize its potential for years to come. To our delight, this entire process was finished in a mere 4-6 weeks - much quicker than anticipated!

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Industry: Education

Education Website Achieves 139% More Subscriptions With Drupal 10 Upgrade


Improved Website Speed


Increase in Monthly Subscriptions


Growth in Monthly Organic Traffic

Industry: Healthcare

Healthcare Leader Benefits From Drupal 10 Upgrade


Traffic Increase


Improved Customer Engagement


Exceptional Uptime