What's Happening In The Drupal Industry
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Time to update your site – Drupal’s security update is out. Find more Drupal related updates, tutorials, modules and more that’s trending now! Drupal Security Update Released Drupal is out with the release of version 7.38 and 6.36. It’s a mandatory security update for all websites running on
June 26, 2015, Posted By: Jeffrey Wisard
Drupal Beta 8 Released - This Week In Drupal
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The Drupal Community is alive and well! With the Drupal 8 release creeping closer, find out what activities are lined up and how you can contribute. Drupal 8 Beta Release Yet another Drupal 8 beta version is out - drupal 8.0.0-beta11. Developers and site builders are welcome to try the beta
June 05, 2015, Posted By: Jeffrey Wisard