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December 28, 2015 Posted by: Jeffrey Wisard

DrupalPartners 2015 Top Guest Blogging Pieces

DrupalPartners 2015 Top Guest Blogging Pieces

This year we started a solid guest blogging strategy. Since we have been in the open source world for over 6 years, we consider ourselves to be Drupal experts and want to share our Drupal related knowledge to more readers.

Thus, we had the honor of guest blogging on numerous CMS/web dev sites. With so many articles, we decided to do a year end wrap up of our favorite guest blogging pieces.

In case you missed any of our articles, here are our favorite guest blogging pieces from 2015.

2015 – The Awkward Year For Drupal

The year 2015 was not exactly the best year for Drupal. But, with Drupal 8 being released last month, we are sure the tables have turned. Our insightful piece shows how Drupal is dedicated to their community and product. Also, the article discusses how Drupal survived their toughest year and came out stronger and better than ever. Read the article.

8 Web Industry Surprises No One Warns You About

This was one of our most popular guest posts, as it highlights the frustration of being an online marketer who lives and breaths websites. This article has clearly outlined the various shortcomings of being in the cms and marketing field. In the end, amidst all the craziness, if you still enjoy the dynamic work style, then you are born to do this!

6 Reasons Why Drupal Is A Great Fit For Creatives

When we think about Drupal, we generally think about universities or government who typically have the need for a Drupal based website. However, we seem to overlook one entire major group of people: The creatives. To us, creatives can benefit most out of the Drupal CMS by using it showcase their work in style. It is a must read piece to start looking at Drupal in a different light.

2016 Predictions For Open Source eCommerce Platforms

eCommerce is one of the most booming online industries. In the recent years, the number of eCommerce stores has increased drastically, with no guarantee of making any sales. Going forward, in 2016 eCommerce site owner’s attention will shift towards rigorous marketing and providing customer-centric services. This is a must read article for all eCommerce site owners.

4 Tips For How To Migrate To Drupal

Drupal is slowly becoming the most sought after CMS for content-driven sites. With Drupal 8 out, the number of interested people has only been increasing. If you are one of those people looking to migrate to Drupal, these 4 tips will help you analyze and audit your site to get it ready for Drupal. It is necessary to understand each and every element of your website, from the technical point of view to the business point of view. This article is the best starting point to have a successful site migration to Drupal.

4 Questions To Ask A Drupal Developer Before You Hire Them

It is a Herculean task to try and find a developer for any open source CMS project. And when it comes to Drupal, the task is even more difficult, as finding quality developers who deliver what they promise is almost next to impossible. To make your task a teeny-bit simpler, we created the top 4 questions you should be asking your Drupal developer before you hire them. Read this article and learn how to find the right person who will best fit your needs.

These posts have had an amazing response from readers all over the world. If you missed any one of these stories, we suggest you bookmark and read them later.

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