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September 16, 2016 Posted by: Jeffrey Wisard

How Much Does Drupal Maintenance Cost?

How Much Does Drupal Maintenance Cost?

If you thought website development was a one-time investment, then you are in for a huge surprise!

You need to continuously update your website for optimal functioning. Your Drupal website comprises of a main Drupal core and various modules that require occasional updates. When you fail to run these updates and patches, your website will be subject to security attacks and other malfunctions. This is not the case with Drupal websites alone, all website development platforms have a similar process.

Now that we have established the need for regular Drupal maintenance, let's move on to the most concerning part about maintenance - The cost.

Website owners worry about the maintenance cost of their Drupal websites, as it can be an expensive ordeal. The fact is that by investing dollars for maintenance, you might not see a direct ROI. But when you fail to spend for maintenance, you will see the impact on ROI when your site goes down or you end up losing everything. Trust me – We’ve seen it happen.

The good news is that you might not have to spend as much as you think to maintain your Drupal website. By customizing your maintenance plan, you can have a robust maintenance on a budget. Let's breakdown the various maintenance plans which are important for your website.

The Drupal Security Maintenance Plan (Recommended):

Drupal releases various Drupal core and security updates to keep your Drupal website safe from security vulnerabilities and hackers. It's essential that you perform these upgrades within few hours of the release, as hackers are quite fast in identifying websites that are not upgraded and start working to take control over it.

Did You Know: Almost a million websites were attacked during the 2014 Drupal geddon? The websites could have been saved if the patch was applied within few hours of the release.

That's not all, we regularly backup websites because it's the easiest way to get the website up and running after a mishap happens. The number of backups performed is based on how frequently website is updated and it can vary from once an hour to once a month. Finally, anywebsite downtime is instantly indentified and fixed to get it back on track.

It will only cost 10-15 hours/month of our developers’ time to keep your Drupal website secured at all times.

The Basic Drupal Maintenance Plan:

Your Drupal website consists of various modules. These modules are updated frequently for feature enhancements and also to make it work effortlessly with the Drupal core upgrades. Our developers will perform these minor tweaks to ensure the smooth functionality of your website.

There are various instances where broken links and functionality ruins the web experience for your customers. This basic plan covers this, as our Drupal developers will scan your website everyday to ensure it works efficiently. Also, we will keep your page load time in check and also perform all security upgrades for a seamless Drupal experience.

It only costs you 25-35 hours/month of our developers’ time to securing and running your site smoothly at all times.

The Hardcore Drupal Maintenance Plan:

This particular plan works best for businesses that rely on their website to generate commerce, leads and customers. We not only perform security upgrades and functionality enhancements, we can help you put up pages and make your website SEO friendly to ensure your online success.

We will assign your very own project manager who will work with you to plan the month's work. Our developers can build new functionalities and ensure your website is on par with the industry standards to provide excellent user experience.

It will cost you a minimum of 40+ hours/month of our developers’ time to enter our hardcore Drupal maintenance plan.

On-Demand Drupal Developers

We are in a highly competitive digital era and having a website alone is not going to guarantee your online success.

To run a profitable online business, you need a solid digital strategy plan that revolves around your key services and how well you can serve your customers. One might suggest that to have a digital strategy you need an in-house developer, but we beg to differ. If you are under any of our maintenance plans, you can use our Drupal developers for the campaigns you have planned for the month.

We have experienced Drupal developers, designers and SEO experts to help you plan your digital strategy and also execute it with ease. We can help you set up landing pages and run online campaigns for your digital ROI.

You only have to pay for the number of hours our developers spend in working for the particular campaign.

Our main aim is to provide affordable maintenance care so you can have a safe and secured website. Your digital success relies on your website's health.

The plain truth is that the Drupal maintenance hours will still cost less than rebuilding a site that has been hacked

Contact our Drupal experts to choose the right plan that's in sync with your digital needs!