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February 3, 2016 Posted by: Jeffrey Wisard

Top 12 Reasons You Should Start An eCommerce Business With Drupal Commerce


Starting an eCommerce store is a humongous task. Just ask our Drupal Commerce Developers – They know all about the hard work that goes into a successful online shop.

Sadly, most people feel that setting up an eCommerce store is a breeze, but fail to realize the amount of work that goes into making it successful is a back-bending task, literally. You not only have to create a store and manage merchandise, but also worry about marketing, security, delivery, shipping damages, etc.

Phew! That truly is a lot of work.

The success of your eCommerce shop depends on your store concept along with tools/platform that it’s built on. Drupal Commerce is one of the most sought out eCommerce options, mainly for its flexibility and security. There are plenty of eCommerce development options out there, but these 12 reasons will show you that Drupal Commerce is the only option you want as your eCommerce partner.

Reason 1: A Platform That Grows With Your Business

It’s essential to have a platform that adapts to your business plan. When you initially start out, you might want to do a million things. But, once you start developing the eCommerce site, you’ll be stalled by all limitations: Budget, time and resources. It’s better to start off with the basic eCommerce functionality and slowly build it to the perfect eCommerce site you want. Drupal Commerce lets you do just that by creating a basic foundation to build your awesome site on.

Reason 2: No More Future Development Worries

Your website will be built on one of the most robust Drupal versions, which is Drupal 7. You will not have any major development changes for the next 5 years (save for normal updates). Also, with Drupal Commerce coming to Drupal 8 in 2016, you can easily migrate without any delay to enjoy the futuristic features of Drupal 8.

Reason 3: Open Source And Free

Drupal is open source and always free!

It brings down your development cost drastically, allowing you to make use of the extra funds for your marketing and other purposes. If you don’t have an in-house Drupal developer, here’s a step-by-step guide to choose the Drupal developer that will suit your needs.

Reason 4: You Are Not Alone

Drupal has an amazing community that is filled with people who are eager to help with your issues. It’s one of the best open source communities and it’s a joy to be part of. Meet like-minded people and learn about the new features, helping give your eCommerce site the lead over others.

Reason 5: Go Social

It’s one of the most important tools for any eCommerce website. Social media is a great platform to showcase your product and brand efficiently. You can reach your target audience easily when you know how to do social media right. Integrate your Drupal 7 site seamlessly with your social media accounts to share your content and products. Going social means not only showcasing yourself, but also lets your customers share their latest purchase with their friends.. Psst.. It’s free marketing for you!

Reason 6: Design The Website You Want

Each eCommerce store should have their own look and feel to bring it the brand loyalty it deserves. Designing the right UI/UX is extremely important to bring that ‘YOU’ factor into the website. Create your own brand image with the required color, themes and layout to build the perfect eCommerce experience.

Reason 7: It’s A Gift To Have A Site As Flexible As You

There are plenty of ways you can use your website to benefit your eCommerce store needs and goals. Having a platform which is flexible enough to making changes to its core, is truly a godsend. Make complete use of Drupal Commerce to create the perfect web design flow that works best for your process. Get the opportunity to create the perfect ‘page view’ and ‘product page’ that gives best ROI.

Reason 8: Go Global With Your Brand

The true success of an eCommerce site depends on how well you can expand and reach out to global customers. Our Drupal eCommerce developers give you the option to make your site available in multiple languages, as well as provide seamless shipping features. Similarly, show the price in local currency as well as calculate shipping fees, creating a seamless and automatic eCommerce process.

Reason 9: Seamlessly Connect With Third Party Services

Third party integration has become essential for bringing many intelligent features into the site. Drupal Commerce lets you to easily connect to such third party services through the exclusive API – An API that’s built to import and export any of your eCommerce data. Integrate many analytic and innovative services to ensure your eCommerce site is performing at its maximum potential.

Reason 10: Mobile Ready eCommerce Site

More that 50% of your customers are online through their mobile devices. Thus, when you neglect such potential clients by having a non-responsive site, then you might as well consider losing half your sales. Our open source eCommerce developers develop sites that are mobile ready and help target your audience efficiently.

Reason 11: Go Crazy Over Cross Promotion And Up-Selling

Cross promotion and up-selling are essential to improve each cart value. A successful eCommerce store will have the right strategy that helps increase your sales drastically. Implementing a successful cross- and up-selling promotional strategy is fantastic in Drupal Commerce. In fact, the Drupal content management system helps you showcase and highlight products at the right time and place.

Still not convinced about the cross promotional strategies, read our eBook Why Drupal Commerce Is The Ultimate Platform to understand its importance.

Reason 12: Security At Its Best

Drupal sites are deemed one of the most secured websites – Even whitehouse.org is built on Drupal. It’s not that Drupal sites are never attacked, but the community immediately jumps in and patches up the issues, even before any damage is done. Because eCommerce sites are the most targeted websites by hackers, its best you build your online store on Drupal to have a peaceful sleep at night.

Drupal Commerce lets you build an awesome store and help promote it the right way. Building the right brand is all about having the right tools. Drupal is a fantastic content management system that helps you not only build the perfect site, but also provide awesome tools to market it efficiently. Content marketing, cross promotion, social media promotions, up selling, etc. can be easily achieved with the help of Drupal Commerce. It’s the complete development and marketing package that is needed for your eCommerce success.

Still not convinced? Then let our Drupal eCommerce Developers talk to you regarding the limitless opportunities Drupal Commerce opens out for you.