Outside Television

Outside Television is the only national programming network dedicated to the active outside lifestyle and the more than 141 million Americans who regularly participate. Based on Outside Magazine and its critically acclaimed brand, Outside Television embraces running, biking, skiing, sailing, surfing, kayaking and any other adventures involving wind, water, snow and terrain; as well as the full spectrum of people’s lives who engage in them.


Outside tv

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Client’s Challenge

The client’s site experienced downtimes frequently, sometimes several time during the same day, and during hours that usually saw the highest traffic. Restoring the site to normalcy entailed spending a lot of time and resources. This and other performance issues were costing the client a lot of money.

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How we solved
How We Solved Client’s Problems

We went through our client’s code in detail, and found that the entire home page was coded in one big file, which was slowing the site done considerably. We also cleaned up other parts of the code, filling in missing bits like security updates.

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Impact on client
Impact On Client’s Business

The site loads much faster now, and maintains an almost 100% uptime. The client has been able to update content on the site as and when required, as befits a content sharing platform,without having to worry about slowdowns or outages.

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