Improving Quack Global’s IoT Website Accuracy With Tailored Drupal Support

Our team worked diligently to optimize Quake Global’s website for search engine rankings. Besides that, we also improved their website structure, added structured data to make it more user-friendly, and refactored existing code for increased speed and performance.
Improving Quack Global’s IoT Website Accuracy With Tailored Drupal Support

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The Maintenance Paved the Way For...
  • Increase in SEO Rankings by 40%
  • Enhanced User Experience by 25%
  • Increase In Revenue by 40%
Client's Challenge

Quake Global had a website that didn’t accurately represent its brand identity and products. They also needed better SEO rankings and an improved user experience. Additionally, they wanted to optimize the accuracy of their IoT technology.

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How we solved
The Solution

Our team worked closely with Quake Global to improve their website in every way possible. We used our expertise in Drupal, SEO, analytics & optimization, and data accuracy to provide them with the best solutions for their needs.

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Impact on client
Impact On The Website Performance

The website now accurately represents its brand identity and products. It also has improved SEO rankings and allows for a better user experience. Moreover, Quake Global’s IoT technology is more accurate due to our team providing input on how to optimize it for accuracy.

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