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April 10, 2020 Posted by: Nithya S

Marketing Strategies To Increase Revenue In A Recession

Marketing Strategies To Increase Revenue In A Recession

An economic downturn can be hard on organizations. But it can also be an opportunity to explore new and cost effective growth strategies. Most organizations cut back on marketing spend to stabilize their revenue streams.

Reducing marketing spend can however have an adverse impact on revenue.

Seems like a Catch-22 situation?

It isn’t. The difference between growing your business or stalling it lies in the crucial decisions you take at this time.

Conduct Virtual Events And Webinars

The cancellation of events and in-person meetings has led to sales teams struggling to close deals. An important demand generation opportunity is lost.

Businesses are quickly turning to virtual events and webinars to generate leads, fill their pipeline with MQLs and maintain a connect with their audience.

Work On Email Campaigns

People are going to be consuming content. A lot of it. This is the best time to amp up your email marketing efforts. Send out thoughtful emails and newsletters to keep your subscribers/prospects engaged.

Focus On Digital Marketing

Digital marketing efforts should take the frontburner now. There’s no time for switchbacks when it comes to marketing. Optimizing digital channels can help you weather the storms of COVID-19. Learn how every single digital channel can be optimized and key ascension strategies in this whitepaper.

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