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September 15, 2021 Posted by: Immanuel Navin

How Drupal CMS Right-fits The Higher Educational Institution Websites?

How Drupal CMS Right-fits The Higher Educational Institution Websites?

Drupal is one of the most secure CMS - content management systems available now. The education industry is constantly growing in size and technology needs, and it right-fits for complex, content-heavy, and high-traffic websites. To be precise, the education industry with large resource libraries and databases can bet on Drupal.

Higher educational institutions like Colleges and Universities depend on distributed systems to meet their everyday digital needs. The process covers not just sharing study material but also the full A to Z functioning of the institution. It includes distributing applications, enrolling, students brochures, study materials, and providing a platform for faculty, staff, and marketers.

Here are some of the Drupal Features that prove it's the best fit for the higher educational institution websites.

Drupal Features


Drupal is open-source software. Simply download, design, build, and share it with anyone for free. The software is innovative, collaborative, and universal. As per the GNU General Public License (GPL), there are no licensing fees for Drupal. It has a huge community to support users by answering their issues and challenges. Therefore, if you have any questions, somebody will undoubtedly answer them. Students, professors, and other professionals access educational websites; an open-source platform that can be customized according to the changing needs is a huge opportunity to grab on.

Content Workflow

Drupal's in-built tools support content creation, workflow, and publishing. Content creators can make use of this option to work on it without any difficulties. Editorial workflows can be managed efficiently by the authentication and permission provision in the platform.

Drupal allows the users to create structured content. It lets you describe content elements and create flexible taxonomy for content to be searched, used, and reused. Relevant content architecture can be designed using the Admin Interface or programmatically.


Drupal provides best-in-class security to protect critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks. The security experts provide well-built coding standards and a strict coding process to steer clear of online dangers. Drupal proves to be a stable and secure open-source platform, and security is its priority.

Scalability and Performance

When combined with a modern CDN provider, Drupal's in-built performance features perform exceptionally well under the pressure of advanced caching, supercharged databases, and load balancing. The scalability feature of Drupal enables the healthcare website to perform well even on the busiest days.


Drupal is designed to build sophisticated, multilingual web applications and customized sites in various languages. The core modules of Drupal help the incomplete translation of every part of a website. It includes content types and their definite fields such as

  • Users
  • Menus
  • Taxonomy
  • Blocks
  • Contact forms
  • Comments

Further, Drupal enables recognizing the formal language as per the user's

  • IP address
  • URL
  • Browser settings
  • Session & more


Drupal allows its users to build friendly websites that accommodate differently able people. Therefore, Drupal ensures that all its features conform to the World Wide Web Consortium guidelines (W3C): ATAG 2.0 and WCAG 2.0. This feature gives the same opportunity for all regardless of any discrimination. Drupal development for education will cover all the user perspectives and be of use to everyone.


With details such as geolocation, device type, browser history, and behavior taxonomies, Drupal users receive a unique, personalized profile for every visitor. Users can easily track and report with A/B and multivariate testing. This also helps in improving ROI through target marketing and visitors segmentation over devices and focusing on the essential user identity for the business goals.


Drupal CMS development provides access to exclusive SEO tools to boost a website's visibility. Here are the tools and modules.

Multisite support

The world-famous CMS platform helps you run and maintain various websites on a single platform over your organization, brands, geographies, and campaigns. It facilitates simple, quick Drupal development for educational institutions and deployment.

Marketing automation

Drupal 9 supports easy integration with the latest automation platforms with the help of its tools and modules. Users will be able to collect customer demographics and convert potential leads within a suitable time.

Mobile-first Approach & Mobile apps

Mobile responsive sites are the natural way to get a sizable success in the present times. Drupal helps in building web applications that can deliver a better user experience. It offers responsive design best practices and makes sure your users benefit from the best content experience irrespective of the device.

Integrated Digital Tools & Applications

Drupal can smoothly integrate with a comprehensive ecosystem of digital technology and other business applications. This feature enables the user to pick the right tools all the time according to their preferences.

Strong Stack Foundation

Drupal leans on the LAMP

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP

The LAMP technology stack meets the requirements of flexible and fastly scaling companies and brands that want to build the next-generation digital platforms.

Supports Decoupled Architecture

Drupal Content flexibility is one of the top features. It enables a smooth flow over native apps, sites, and connected devices displayed on third-party websites and social networks. Many CMS platforms try managing the content in the back-end repository and propel it to "frontend" templates to present a static experience.

Drupal supports decoupling the back and front ends wherever it's required. Therefore, the content of Drupal continues as reusable chunks, which are free from the presentation and ready for secure and smooth delivery to applications and sites.

Web Hosting

Drupal had never restricted its users from picking a hosting vendor of their choice!

Choose the best hosting vendor that meets your requirements with Drupal. Additionally, whenever you want to change the hosting vendors, you can change and also select to host the website internally.


Once on the Drupal platform, it is easy for educational institutions to upgrade to the latest Drupal 9. By using the Upgrade status, the institutions can upgrade in four simple steps.

Learn more about the Drupal 9 upgrade here:

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Supporting Emerging Technologies

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Big Data, Virtual Reality (VR), etc., are some of the technologies that have been or are going to be adaptable on the Drupal platform. Drupal educational websites can be built on the features mentioned above, ensuring all the necessary security standards and requirements.

Wrapping Up

In the last decade, educational Drupal websites have increased in a significant number. The open-source CMS is flexible, robust, and scalable, coming packed with loads of features. It is a perfect platform for higher-educational institutions as it supports the much-awaited digital transformation in the education industry.

Therefore, having the right technology partner is essential. It enables building the foundation required for digital capacities and enhances the education and student/staff experience to an entirely new level.

To discover how to go about Drupal Web Development, Redesign, or Transformation of your online platform, we invite you to a free 30 Mins discussion with our CMS consultant.

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