What is the future scope of Drupal as a CMS technology in 2023 and beyond?
- READ TIME: 15 min, 11 sec
As technology continues to rapidly evolve, so too does the landscape of content management systems (CMS). One CMS that has remained a constant for over fifteen years is Drupal. For both large and small businesses alike, it's an effective way to promote growth through web presence with modern-day
January 10, 2023, Posted By: Immanuel Navin
WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal - A Comparison
- READ TIME: 4 min, 7 sec
Why did we have to pick WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal to compare and contrast? It's because all three have one thing in common - they are licensed under the GPL to function as open-source free software. Therefore, it is understood that all three are free of charge to download, use, and change the
January 10, 2023, Posted By: Immanuel Navin
Drupal 9 vs. Drupal 10
- READ TIME: 7 min, 38 sec
The Drupal platform is a globally renowned open-source CMS that offers versatility, speediness, robust security measures, and scalability to businesses of all kinds. It's no surprise then that over 1 million users around the world trust it – as its groundbreaking features have earned it global
January 10, 2023, Posted By: Immanuel Navin
Get Ready to Embrace the Future of Drupal - Introducing Drupal 10! Here's a Sneak Peek at What You Can Expect!
- READ TIME: 6 min, 21 sec
It's finally here and we know that some people might not be as excited about software updates, but rest assured - this new version will bring big changes to your website. So don't wait any longer - get ready now and start feeling all those benefits! Drupal 10 has Officially Rolled-out on December
December 15, 2022, Posted By: Immanuel Navin
Successful Drupal 9 Migration
- READ TIME: 9 min, 61 sec
Are you ready to upgrade your website from Drupal 6, Drupal 7, or Drupal 8 to Drupal 9? If so, congratulations – it's exciting to take the leap into the latest version of Drupal! But not every update is easy. There are several steps you need to take in order to make sure everything goes smoothly
December 14, 2022, Posted By: Immanuel Navin
What new features to expect from Drupal 10 and how to be ready to receive the new version?
- READ TIME: 8 min, 21 sec
The 10th version of Drupal is coming out soon, and we wanted to provide our readers with a closer look at what the new system has in store. Regular updates and development are part of the natural cycle for any software, and this includes newer versions being created. Drupal 10 rollout... The
December 13, 2022, Posted By: Immanuel Navin
Top 19 hacks on how to increase website conversion without Google ads
- READ TIME: 7 min, 48 sec
Google AdWords can be a great way to increase website conversion, but it can also be expensive. If you're looking for ways to increase website conversion without Google Ads, here are 25 hacks that you can use. Some of these Drupal SEO hacks may require some adjustments to your website design or
November 24, 2022, Posted By: Immanuel Navin
How Search Engines Work and Why Drupal SEO is Impressively The Best
- READ TIME: 9 min, 6 sec
In order for your website to be found by people looking for what you offer, it must appear in the search engine results pages (SERPs). A variety of factors determines your ranking in the SERPs, but one of the most important is how well your website content aligns with what people are searching for
November 24, 2022, Posted By: Immanuel Navin
25 Best Practices To Optimizing Traffic and Conversions on Your Drupal Site For 2023
- READ TIME: 19 min, 29 sec
Are you looking to optimize traffic and conversions on your Drupal website? If so, you're in luck. You can follow numerous best practices to help improve your site's performance. In this blog post, we'll outline 25 best practices to optimizing traffic and conversion on your Drupal site and here
November 08, 2022, Posted By: Immanuel Navin
Top 16 Drupal SEO Tips: How To Optimize Your Website To Attract More Traffic
- READ TIME: 5 min, 40 sec
Drupal is a popular content management system (CMS) that is often used for developing websites. While Drupal is known for its robust features and flexibility, it can also be difficult to optimize for search engines. Is Drupal Good For SEO? The Drupal code allows for easy implementation of SEO
November 07, 2022, Posted By: Immanuel Navin