What’s New With Drupal In June 2017?
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The Drupal Community has not failed to surprise its users this month as well with few amazing updates. These latest updates prompt users and developers to choose Drupal as the CMS for their websites. Drupal Maldova Community Program Calendar: With a mission to promote Drupal and Open Source
July 11, 2017, Posted By: Tejaswini
6 Tips To Rock Drupal 8 SEO
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Drupal works phenomenally for SEO. Using Drupal 8 as your Content Management System gives you a robust set of tools to rock your Search Engine Optimization process. We have seen customers experiencing good organic traffic with well optimized Drupal 8 websites. There are cases where they have
July 02, 2017, Posted By: Tejaswini
Top 7 Reasons For You To Consider Drupal 8 For Your Next Website
- READ TIME: 3 min, 22 sec
The latest version of Drupal is out in the market with a lot of changes and advancements. Being very unique from the previous versions of Drupal, Drupal 8 is re-engineered to prove itself to be the best content management system. Though it has been just a few months since Drupal 8 is released, a
June 15, 2017, Posted By: Tejaswini
What’s New With Drupal In May 2017?
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The Drupal Community has brought a few interesting updates this month. These most wanted advancements make Drupal the more preferred CMS which is both, robust and reliable. Drupal Business Survey 2017 : In collaboration with One Shoe and Exove, the Drupal Association has launched the second
June 08, 2017, Posted By: Tejaswini
What’s New With Drupal In April 2017?
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The Drupal community has come up with some interesting news this month. These most awaited advancements continue to make Drupal 8 a more robust and reliable platform. Drupal Security Update Is Out: The consolidated security update resolves a number of issues that have been critical over the last
May 03, 2017, Posted By: Tejaswini
What’s new in Drupal 8.3.0?
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One of the most preferred CMS, Drupal has now come up with another minor release version, Drupal 8.3.0 on 5th April, 2017. This version is promising its users prominent changes in the release process by implementing scheduled feature releases and semantic versioning. The latest version comprises a
May 03, 2017, Posted By: Tejaswini
Why Choose Drupal 8 For Your Business?
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While the market is crowded with a large number of Content Management Systems (CMS), Drupal has made a special place for itself. It has the distinction of being easily adopted by the developers within a few months of its release. As we all know, Drupal is an open source and easy to use CMS that can
April 19, 2017, Posted By: Tejaswini
Why Should You Migrate To Drupal 8 Now!
- READ TIME: 2 min, 48 sec
If you are running your site on Drupal 7 and thinking that your migration worries are over - You are wrong! Dries and the Drupal Association have completely changed the game with their new Drupal upgrade process which aims to eradicate future Drupal migrations. Why Is There A Need To Terminate
April 03, 2017, Posted By: krithika
What's Happening With Drupal In March, 2017
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The Drupal community is out with some exciting news this March. These decisions are long pending and great to improve the number of Drupal contributions as well as taking advantage of the newest Drupal features faster. Drupal Security Upgrade Is Out It's purely a security related upgrade without
March 27, 2017, Posted By: krithika
Administering Students And Faculty Members With Better Digital Engagement Using Drupal  [White paper]
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The Drupal CMS is one of most preferred platforms for higher education websites. If you look at the statistics, 26% of all university websites are running on Drupal. This clearly shows the dominance of Drupal in the higher education industry where security and user engagement plays an important
March 01, 2017, Posted By: krithika